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Your source for news and information on Jacques Roy's candidacy for Mayor of Alexandria, Louisiana. Jacques the Vote will provide real-time updates on the campaign, including detailed schedules of events, speeches, commentary, interviews, and photographs. Anyone is welcome to join Jacques the Vote. Simply send an e-mail to jacquesthevote@gmail.com.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Michele Godard Interviews Jacques Roy for KALB Video Blog

Comments about this interview:

  • From KALB.com: I congratulate Mr. Roy on his mayoral run! Though I live outside the city limits, the issues of Alexandria affect me. We need a fresh start. (We have already seen the leadership of some of the candidates.) After Katrina‚Äôs devastation, many of us felt a new empathy for the state we have called home all of our lives. We wondered if the state could ever recover from such a deadly blow. We still wonder. If we are ever to pull ourselves up from the mire, we must be willing to change. We owe it to our children and grandchildren. How can we ask them to live in a place that we will not cherish? I have no doubt that Mr. Roy will bring the new start that our viability depends on now. I am proud to support him and call on all my students, past and present, to elect him as the mayor of change! - Patti
  • From Cenla Antics: After watching Roy on the blog I am even MORE sure that he is the man. No double talk, no 'misspeak " lies, no arrogance. Just straightforward and honest. - Anonymous
  • From Cenla Antics: Saw Michelle's interview with Roy and he handled himself better than any other candidate yet. He could be a keeper. He surprised me. I still don't believe he just fell off the political turnip truck, but maybe that ain't all bad with the situation we have now. Anyway it was a little refreshing to see that interview. -Do Nothing Gang


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